Kevin Zhu production manager

From: BEKA Lubrication Systems Co., Ltd. Kunshan

Motivating Outing event

Great teamwork and organization. We have great outing program with Experience Smart Change team, with nice and detail organization of Ms. & Mr. Weiss, we have all our BEKA colleagues totally 21 people. Meeting together and generate a good SWOT analysis. Meanwhile our team is motivated after this event by social event, team workshop and sight seeing in Cambodia. Four days event was well prepared and we enjoyed a lot. It is a wonderful cooperation. For sure, we will also recommend to our friends, partners and customers.

Seoul Min founder and owner

From: NxtAsia Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Personalized Company Outing

ESC organized a 3-days company outing which exceeded our expectations. The program included social commitment, Cambodia’s people, culture and lots of fun. Anita and Wolfgang created unforgettable memories and each single agenda item has been a highlight. As a company we have achieved our goal of increasing the bonding among the project/department leaders. The entire trip, from the airport pick up until the final dinner has been arranged professionally. In addition we really enjoyed the very personal care which gave the trip a special note. We would like to thank the ESC team and are happy to be named as referral.

Patrick Rohner, Head of Sales and Service Base China

From: Ferrum Canning and Centrifuge Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

Workshop, social and culture day experience

We decided to work together with Experience Smart Change for our team building event. The event took place over three days and consisted of a social day, workshop day and cultural day. It was our goal to further improve the cohesion of our team. The event was well built up and the individual activities were matching our ultimate goal to bring the people closer together and finish the event with our company core values in hand. With the great help of the ESC team we were able to not only achieve this goal but also having a huge amount of fun while doing so. Everyone had a great time and we were able to learn a lot about ourselves and beautiful Cambodia. Through our own experience, we can highly recommend the services of the ESC team. I am sure it won’t be our last cooperation!

Michael Maeder, Managing Partner

From: Ward Howell International, Shanghai branch

Leadership Development Journey

We have worked together with the ESC team to organize a 3-days leadership development journey in Cambodia, which included a one-day social project, a 1-day leadership value workshop, and a 1-day cultural immersion program. The ESC team, in particular, Anita and Wolfgang, were instrumental in making this a successful and impactful exercise, which has left our (demanding) team and leadership impressed. The ESC team took complete responsibility for designing and delivering the program in a turn-key manner. I would highly recommend you the ESC team if you look for a leadership development partner to deliver a customized development program.

Teresa Bauer, Office Manager

From: Roedl&Partner Management Consulting Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Fun, culture and social commitment

What can you do with only three days’ time and a big group of 43 people? Wolfgang and Anita created a perfect program where all of us could benefit in several aspects. The boat tour through the floating villages was a lot of fun and relaxing for everyone. The cultural part with Apsara dancing and the not to be missed temple tour at impressive Angkor Wat let us experience Cambodian history and culture. But most unforgettable, at least for me, was the water well project where we could not only improve our teambuilding, but also helped the poorest people. Perfect organization and a great program, thank you Wolfgang and Anita, I will come back to Siem Reap for sure!

Qing Cheng, Partner

From: Roedl&Partner Management Consulting Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Social responsibility with a perfect tailored program

This comprehensive, high-quality and tailored to the individual and organizational needs program for our group with 43 participants was impressive. Wolfgang and Anita perfectly guided us through a program all of us could benefit from. The relaxed atmosphere had from the arrival on a positive impact on our mood. The fun and cultural part was right tailored to the short time we had available. The social part with helping the poor caused us to think about our life in material prosperity which is by far not common for most of humankind. All in all it was a very exciting experience the team from ESC provided for us.

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